You Deserve Better, More Convenient Health Testing

We’ve redesigned the way you can receive results and understand your health by bringing the lab to you.

HealthConfirm At-Home Health Tests

Our at-home health tests were created with one goal in mind: to empower you to take control of your health and provide meaningful, actionable insights. We offer a convenient, customized at-home testing experience designed to help you better understand your body’s balance and achieve optimal wellness.

Giving “Out-Of-Office” a New Meaning

Select Your Test

Receive an at-home testing kit that fits your unique concerns and needs. No prescription or visit to the doctor’s office is required. Your test kit is delivered directly to your front door.

Register, Collect & Send

Register your kit and fill out your individual online health profile. Collect your sample on your own time and send it back with the prepaid return shipping label.

See Your Results

Your physician-reviewed results are delivered to your personal device. Log in to your private dashboard to view the easy-to-understand results.

Lab Testing Doesn't Have to Be Hard. We Make It Easy.

We provide you with everything you need, plus dedicated support. You’ve taken the most important first step; we’ve got you from here!

We’re proud to offer the same high-quality tests you’d get from your doctor.

The only difference? Our tests are more convenient and less invasive. Your physician-reviewed results will come from our CLIA-certified lab. Same quality and accuracy. Less time-consuming.

We take the guesswork out of health testing, with clear, comprehensive results.

We’ve invested in your long-term health by providing easy-to-understand, evidence-backed results that can be tracked over time in our secure, user-friendly online portal.

We’re here to make your life easier and healthier.

Our trained, dedicated customer care team can answer your questions, and we offer an online consultation with a health coach if you need a second opinion.

The HealthConfirm Difference: Your Results

Your Test Panels Explained

Forget trying to make sense of confusing medical terms and nonsensical numbers. With HealthConfirm, you’ll see right away how your results compare to a healthy reference range. You’ll also see a clear explanation of what was tested and what your results mean to your overall health.

Individualized Health Profile

Your Health Profile provides a comprehensive view of your current health statistics, symptoms, medication use and more. Each time you retake a test, you’ll be asked to update this profile to accurately track your health state. Your individual Health Profile creates a full picture of your health so you can make proactive choices.

Personalized Doctor Insights

A licensed physician reviews your results and Health Profile before adding personalized comments to your report. Relevant references are also included as needed to provide the most accurate, evidence-backed results.

A Note From Our Team

It’s an exciting time for at-home medical testing as individuals are increasingly taking their health into their own hands. We’ve been providing at-home health tests for years; in that time, we’ve learned a few things and have incorporated your valuable customer feedback to build and perfect our brand.

Most notably, we redesigned the way you can interpret and understand your test results. We believe having to google "what do my lab results mean" is something you should never have to do. When it comes to improving your health, we also believe knowing where you stand is the best place to start.

We’re eager to walk alongside of you in this journey to improve your health state.