Hormone Vitality Plus

Sex Hormone Trio + Morning Cortisol


The essentials plus more. See if you have a hormone imbalance by measuring your early-morning cortisol level plus the trio of your body’s essential sex hormones.

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Collection Method:


Panels Tested

  • Cortisol: Morning
  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA-S

Let’s Start With the Problem

Your hormones will naturally fluctuate throughout your lifetime. These changes are natural and expected to transition through different phases of your life. But when they are off balance, you are too. The relationship between your cortisol and sex hormones are complex. If your body is under constant stress and requires a lot of the stress hormones, your body shifts from equal hormone distribution and will focus primarily on regulating cortisol. This then starts affecting your other systems that you have, such as your primary trio of sex hormones. Your sex hormones play a key role in the body, and even a small hormonal imbalance can cause side effects throughout the body. Before you know it, you can feel miserable on multiple fronts.

Work Toward Wellness

Before you can restore the vital balance of your body’s hormones, you must start with a detailed assessment that offers real, meaningful insights. Measuring your cortisol level first thing in the morning with DHEA-S plus your primary trio of sex hormones helps indicate if your healthy cortisol pattern is disrupted and if you might have an imbalance. With this actionable information, you can take the necessary steps to get your hormone levels in check.

How It Works

Select Your Test

Receive an at-home testing kit that fits your unique concerns and needs. No prescription or visit to the doctor’s office is required. Your test kit is delivered directly to your front door.

Register, Collect & Send

Register your kit and fill out your individual online health profile. Collect your sample on your own time and send it back with the prepaid return shipping label.

See Your Results

Your physician-reviewed results are delivered to your personal device. Log in to your private dashboard to view the easy-to-understand results.


Sleep Disturbance

Mood Swings

Chronic Irritability

Weight Gain

Brain Fog

Chronic Fatigue

Thinning Hair


Loss of Libido

Decreased Urinary Flow (Men)

Sugar or Food Cravings

Irregular Cycle (Women)

Decreased Muscle Mass


Panels Tested

Cortisol: Morning

Cortisol: Morning is the level of stress hormone detected in the body just after waking. Morning Cortisol is naturally high as your energy levels spike after waking up and the body prepares itself for the stresses of the day.


Estradiol, or E2, is the most impactful form of the primary female sex hormone, Estrogen. In females, Estradiol handles the regulation of womens’ reproductive cycles and the generation of secondary female sex characteristics, like breasts and widened hips. Women have the highest amounts of estradiol during their reproductive years and almost none after menopause. In males, Estradiol plays a key role in the sexual functions of sperm production, erectile function and libido.


Progesterone (Pg) is the secondary female sex hormone and plays a key role in regulating a woman’s menstrual cycles and the ability to get pregnant. In males, Progesterone is a precursor to the production of Testosterone.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and is considered an anabolic steroid. In males, this primary sex hormone plays a critical role in male reproductive development and the generation of secondary male sex characteristics, like body hair and muscle mass. In females, Testosterone plays a role in the maintenance and development of bone mass and female reproductive tissues.


DHEA-S is a hormone found in the adrenal glands and is important for overall hormone health in a number of ways. DHEA-S works to make other hormones, such as estrogen in women and testosterone in men. This measure of DHEA-S can also be an indicator of overall adrenal gland health.

What Our Test Will Tell You

Doctor reports are tricky to decipher. We redesigned the way you see your lab results.

Your detailed report includes the levels of each panel tested, a recap of your self-reported symptoms, and result comments from a certified Medical Review Officer. It’s all here, whether you want to make personal improvements, maintain your lifestyle, or seek additional help from your healthcare provider.