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Vitamin Deficiency


See if you have a Vitamin D deficiency by measuring the three primary forms of vitamin D that are vital for nutrition.

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Let’s Start With the Problem

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body. Vitamin D functions like a hormone and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it. Having enough Vitamin D plays a key role in helping you stay healthy by protecting you against health conditions and helping to treat them. So when you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, you body has a hard time keeping you healthy and you can start developing issues. If you live where there is little sun year-round, have darker skin, or don’t eat fish or dairy often, you are more likely to be deficient. Most people don’t realize that they’re deficient, as symptoms are generally subtle. You may not recognize them easily, even if they’re having a significant negative effect on your quality of life.

Work Toward Wellness

Before you can restore the vital balance of your body’s Vitamin D levels, you must start with a detailed assessment that offers real, meaninful insights. Measure the three primary forms of vitamin D to help determine if you have a deficiency. With this actionable information, you can take the necessary steps to take control of your body and overall health.

How It Works

Select Your Test

Receive an at-home testing kit that fits your unique concerns and needs. No prescription or visit to the doctor’s office is required. Your test kit is delivered directly to your front door.

Register, Collect & Send

Register your kit and fill out your individual online health profile. Collect your sample on your own time and send it back with the prepaid return shipping label.

See Your Results

Your physician-reviewed results are delivered to your personal device. Log in to your private dashboard to view the easy-to-understand results.


Chronic Fatigue

Thinning Hair


Suppressed Immune System

Bone Weakness

Aches and Pains

Prolonged Injury Recovery

Panels Tested

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Total is the total measure of the two main forms of Vitamin D found in the body, D2 and D3. Vitamin D is important in promoting proper immune function, bone growth, and the body’s ability to use calcium.

Vitamin D2

Vitamin D2 is a form of Vitamin D absorbed by the body from eating different plant sources, dietary supplements, and fortified foods.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the form of Vitamin D primarily absorbed by the body through the skin’s exposure to the sun. Vitamin D3 can also be found in animal food sources such as butter, egg yolk, liver and oily fish. This form of Vitamin D has been found to be more effective in improving overall Vitamin D status.

What Our Test Will Tell You

Doctor reports are tricky to decipher. We redesigned the way you see your lab results.

Your detailed report includes the levels of each panel tested, a recap of your self-reported symptoms, and result comments from a certified Medical Review Officer. It’s all here, whether you want to make personal improvements, maintain your lifestyle, or seek additional help from your healthcare provider.